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Welcome to our blog. We are happy to share our knowledge about the world of education and translation as well as some quirky facts and helpful revision tips too. Please feel free to let us know if there is any particular topic you are interested in or you have any questions.

11 fake languages that are super easy to learn

11 fake languages that are super easy to learn

Brain studies have shown that learning a language has multiple benefits beyond just improving your communication skills. It can increase problem-solving abilities, critical thinking, and even empathy. So if you don’t know a second language, now is a great time to...

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Fun Facts About St. Patrick’s Day

Fun Facts About St. Patrick’s Day

March Is Irish-American Heritage Month How many St. Patrick's Day facts do you know? Probably that it falls on March 17 and honors the Catholic saint who legendarily chased snakes from Ireland. Well, if that's all you know here are some fun facts you can share with...

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World Book Day 2020: Everything you need to know

World Book Day 2020: Everything you need to know

On Thursday 5 March, thousands of you up and down the UK will be dressing up for World Book Day. It's a big international event, started 24 years ago, celebrating books and reading. Its aim is to give every child a book of their own (you can find out how it does this...

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MariAl Associates are experts in education and translation.

For Young Learners: we provide a bespoke service in tutoring, mentoring and advice on general education, higher education and career choices.

For Adults: we help with skills tutoring, work placements and career advice.

For Families: we work closely with our partners to deliver the best relocation packages.

For Everyone: our certified linguists offer translation and interpreting services for individuals and businesses.

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