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Online Tuition

Online (Skype) tuition has become popular due to its effectiveness and flexibility. Many clients, both adults and children opt for online tuition to get access to the very best private tutors available.

Distance Learning

Distance learning is a custom made programme that provides an opportunity to study independently, for students, who cannot have regular sessions, due to either busy schedules or time difference. Our individually tailored programmes, which include a variety of printed, audio and video resources, accompanied by tutor’s supervision and regular feedback present an excellent option

Home Tuition

Our tutors would be delighted to travel to your home and tutor you or your child. Whether there is a need to provide support with primary level, 11+, 13+, GCSE, A Level or English exams such as IELTS and GESE, our tutors are happy to help.

Holiday & custom-made intensive one-to-one English lessons

Our custom-made full language immersion courses are a unique opportunity to combine group sessions with individual tuition with a wide range of activities inside and outside London.

Exam preparation

  • 7+ 11+ 13+
  • Numeracy & Literacy Skills Tests, SATs
  • IELT
  • GCSE & A Level
  • English Language & English Literature
  • Maths, Science, Physics, Biology, Chemistry & Geology
  • French, Spanish, Russian & German Geography, Sociology & History
  • Economics, Business Studies & Accounting
  • Drama, Acting, Music & Singing
  • Art

Home tuition in London & worldwide via Skype

  • English for adults & children
  • General English
  • Business English

British Citizenship Exams

  • Life in the UK
  • GESE

How we work

Looking for a tutor / a consultant?

Step 1

Talk to our knowledgeable member of staff

You can contact us via email, Facebook or simply call us for a chat about how we can help. We will take details of your requirements as well as explain our fees and services to you.

Step 2

Registering and first lesson/session

If you want to proceed, then you make an initial payment which includes the first hour of tuition/consultation. This is fully refundable if we are unable to find a tutor you are happy with.

Step 3

Selecting the right tutor/ consultant

We offer tutors/consultants with the experience, qualifications and approach to meet your needs. We liaise with them to identify the right one for you and check they are available when you need them. You’ll usually receive a profile of the tutor/consultant in a few days and we will stay in touch with you throughout the selection process.

Step 4


Once you accept a tutor/consultant, your tutor will contact you with an introductory email and a questionnaire to assess your ability levels and to understand any specific needs.

Step 5

First session

At this session your tutor/consultant will work with you or/and your child on some specific topic to see your/your child learning abilities. You will also confirm what you want to achieve from the tuition/consultation.

Final step 6

A very personalised programme for you or your child and feedback

We contact you after your first session to make sure you are happy with the tutor/consultant and stay in touch with you throughout the tutoring programme to make sure you are fully satisfied with the service you are receiving.

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Please include your name, your child’s name if applicable, your phone number and email as well as services you are interested in: tuition, consulting, mentoring, entrance examinations or translation.

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About MariAl Associates

MariAl Associates are experts in education and translation.

For Young Learners: we provide a bespoke service in tutoring, mentoring and advice on general education, higher education and career choices.

For Adults: we help with skills tutoring, work placements and career advice.

For Families: we work closely with our partners to deliver the best relocation packages.

For Everyone: our certified linguists offer translation and interpreting services for individuals and businesses.

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