If you’ve been online in the past week, you may have noticed a new word floating around on social media, and that word is “cheugy.”

Pronounced “chew- gee” the word has gathered large amounts of attention after a TikTok user introduced her followers to the word online and gained over 600 thousand views.

Cheugy is a word you can add to your vocabulary if you’ve been searching for something to describe things, clothes, or even Instagram captions which just happen to be a bit outdated.

What is Cheugy?

Essentially, the word “cheugy” is used to describe someone who is slightly out of date with trends and tries too hard. So far, it has been used mostly when referring to millennials, and people have been sharing their thoughts of what they think is cheugy.

A short list of cheugy things would be:

  • Rae Dunn pottery
  • Golden Goose sneakers
  • Chevron print
  • Things with “girlboss” on them
  • Minions
  • Disney adults
  • Live Love Laugh signs or similar

A TikTok user by the name of Hallie Cain (username @webkinzwhore143) shared a video introducing her followers to the word. She said that she had seen several videos discussing things which give off “I got married at 20” and “this is millennial.”

“All of these things are pointing to the same thing, the word, my friends, is cheugy. It’s the opposite of trendy… it’s no longer in style.”

Hallie finished the video stating that cheugy is “the word you never knew you needed.”

Urban Dictionary describes the term “cheugy” as:

“The opposite of trendy. Stylish in middle school and high school but no longer in style. Used when someone still follows these out of date trends. This may include but not be limited to fashion, habits on social media, usage of slang, etc.”

The NY Times states that the term “can be used, broadly, to describe someone who is out of date or trying too hard,’ and that although “a lot of cheugy things are associated with millennial women, the term can be applied to anyone of any gender and any age.”

Best Cheugy memes on Twitter

As is always the way when new trends start, people have taken to Twitter to discuss the word “cheugy.”

so the “In This House We Believe” signs are cheugy right

— Kate Aronoff (@KateAronoff) April 30, 2021


— future ghost (@growtreein) April 28, 2021

Stop trying to make cheugy happen. pic.twitter.com/B71NVycNcF

— zplerhop . (@zplerhop) April 30, 2021

I will not learn what cheugy is. I will let it pass me by, like a river flowing past a stone. I am at peace

— Catboy Slim (@kendrawcandraw) April 30, 2021

Gonna help kill off “cheugy” by using it before my 11 year old does, thus making it cheugy to say cheugy. pic.twitter.com/IJkXtXy4kN

— Bells (@Clockwork_Bells) May 1, 2021

Using the word “cheugy” is cheugy.

— Emily Nussbaum (@emilynussbaum) April 30, 2021

Cheugy is getting married at 24 and having His & Hers bath towels in THAT font. You know what I mean

— sofie (original mix) (@sofiesonja) April 26, 2021

Resource: https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2021/05/03/what-is-cheugy/

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