• Plans say teens would come over for sixth form at a cost of £4,000 per pupil
  • This would be paid by the Chinese schools, but requires change in visa rules
  • State schools want chance to bring in funds from overseas like public schools
  • Public schools brought in some £970million from foreign students in 2017

State schools are planning to make hundreds of thousands of pounds by teaching Chinese sixth-formers. Headteachers of the top schools are asking the government to change visa laws banning them from recruiting from overseas, unlike public schools and universities. 

They propose that teens could come over for the final two years, with schools receiving around £4,000 per pupil from the Chinese government.

The tuition would be organised and funded by schools in China and the proponents say it would not impact British pupils, The Times reported.

Three-month courses for sixth-formers are already supposed to go ahead at one grammar school to help to prepare the Chinese for university applications. 

The Department of Education is involved in lobbying the Home Office to ease its restrictions so that those aged 16-18 can be educated on a tier 4 visa.

It is believed the plan would provide a much needed boost to school funding, with many of the leading state schools complaining about cuts in recent years.

Townley Grammar School in south London is one of the schools leading the charge for Chinese pupils and has already started forging links with the country.

Head teacher Desmond Deehan told The Times: ‘State schools can’t offer tier 4 visas; that is open only to private schools and further education colleges. Why should that be the case?

‘The placement would have to be fully funded and have no negative impact on our pupils. We will put that forward to the new government.

‘This needs to be reviewed, particularly if we are looking at the UK’s international standing. Our education is still highly respected, something we can trade with as something to sell.’

Government figures showed the UK’s education brought in £15.8billion from foreign nationals in 2010 and £21.4billion in 2017.

The figures showed for public schools the number went from £630million to £970million in the same period.

Resource: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7826993/State-schools-plan-make-hundreds-thousands-recruiting-sixth-formers-China.html

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