The Easter holidays is the perfect time to put this into action. Why not try incorporating some of these online learning tools into your child’s study time?

With such a wealth of online learning resources available, it can sometimes be difficult to find the right online tools to fit the needs of your child. There are several ways to adopt modern educational tools into your kids study time at home.

Hopefully, you can apply some or all of these tools to your child’s learning.

Online teaching resources

These online teaching sites, most of which are free, are a great resource for extra support. These are a few of our favourites.

BBC Bitesize

A great website for resources that can be a supplement to in class learning. Engaging and friendly, BBC Bitesize can help children have a clearer understanding of complex areas.

Khan Academy

A non-profit educational organisation aiming to ‘accelerate learning for all students of all ages’. The website has thousands of resources available for free, including short youtube lectures covering mainly Maths and Science topics.


If your child is struggling with their GCSE or A-levels, S-cool can give much needed exam support. Browse by subject to find revision topics explained in detail followed by a selection of multiple choice and exam style questions to practice.


Edplace has a vision to supply parents with good quality educational support. By subscribing to the site for a small fee, parents get access to 1000s of interactive tutorials by qualified teachers in Maths, Science and English.

All these resources can be very effective learning tools for children. They are particularly helpful when used alongside a tutor or a parent who can keep the child on track.

Online collaboration

Most children would agree that working at home can be a lonely, and sometimes isolating experience. To keep children engaged with their studies, online collaboration tools, such as skype, can act as a forum for students to share ideas, ask questions, and help each other through more difficult questions.

Explaining complex ideas to a peer can be a very useful exercise in consolidating your own knowledge. This process allows you to find the areas that you still need to work on.

Research suggests, after all, that kids work more effectively when they are in a collaborative environment that engages them!

Make your own Podcasts

We all know that podcasts are great way to engage with a subject. An even

better way is to create your very own podcasts! Instead of just writing about a subject, encourage your child to be an active learner and create a podcast around a specific topic. Working together on a project will help them think more proactively about the subject matter.

The other upside with this tool is that your child can then listen to their recording on repeat, helping to reinforce what they have already learnt. Later on they can also use this as a helpful revision tool.

Online Drawing tools

Bring out their creative side and encourage your child to adopt a variety of different learning styles.Using resources that engage visual, auditory and kinaesthetic have the best results for students learning new material.One great tool for this is to use online drawing tools, such as Sketchpad to communicate ideas through drawings and diagrams. Helping your child to learn more creatively is fantastic way of making them more successful learners!

Online Tuition

Most parents find the biggest benefit to having an online tutor is the convenience. Online tuition is the easiest way to find the right tutor, with the best skill set to help your child with their particular needs.

Many tutors find that their students are generally very receptive to an online tutor as they have grown up in a digital age and respond well to this kind of technology.

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